MIMS integration

Clintel’s configurable CareRight platform now live with MIMS Integrated

Clintel has gone live with the MIMS medicines database fully integrated into its browser-based system, which is aimed predominantly at high-volume medical specialists and day hospitals but is also available for other healthcare providers such as aged and home care organisations.

The South Australian-based company has flown relatively under the radar over the last 18 months as it refines the CareRight platform, its new, modular, configurable system that can be hosted in the cloud or locally installed.

Clintel has worked with MIMS previously on integrations with other products, but Clintel managing director Nick Cuthbertson said CareRight is a completely new product that has been built as a fully configurable system.

“We have clients using it who are in aged care and home care, but predominantly large volume medical specialists, day surgeries, private hospitals and large organisations, who use it for their employee welfare and mental health,” Mr Cuthbertson said.

“It is a very versatile system, it’s a configurable platform, and we’ve designed it to enable the end user to configure it to their specific requirements, so rather than provide the client with a workflow and say this is how you have to do it, we sit with the client and we have a platform and configure it to the way they want to use it.”

Mr Cuthbertson said the modular design means the company can target any number of markets but the prime one has been complex medical specialists who are also doing day surgery, as well as multi-site and multi-state organisations.

The company has many individual medical specialists using the platform but it has also been designed for clients who may have operations in three or four different states through a number of different sites, or larger single site clients that have a high volume of doctors and procedures.

Last week, the company released a new drawing tool that is aimed at specialists such as plastic and cosmetic surgeons and dermatologists. However, as the system is modular, users can mix and match the features that they require beyond the basic modules.

Clintel client development manager Andrew Bennett said the company had also partnered with 3M to provide its grouping software to clients such as day surgeries and day hospitals that have to manually group information to produce DRGs.

“We are also integrating with one of the coding companies so you can code and then group it, and that can be done in a semi-automated fashion,” Mr Bennett said. “We have a workflow module that basically enables clients to automate their quoting and invoicing.”

On the MIMS integration, Mr Bennett said that because MIMS is unique in its ability to combine internationally referenced alert tools with comprehensive local product information, it made logical sense to integrate it with CareRight.