CareRight is a web based, end-to-end clinical software solution built on a future-proofed technological platform.

Our core functions sit within an intelligent forms framework to control workflow, task management and information for both operational and management level decision making.

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CareRight is an integrated clinical software solution of over 27 individual modules, across the key areas of:

  • Patient Administration (PAS)
  • Clinical Information (EMR), and
  • Billing and Finance

This framework allows any sized organisation to:

  • Streamline and automate complex workflows
  • Improve quality of clinical care
  • Manage and automate finance and claiming
  • Utilise real-time reporting
  • Manage multi-site, multi-provider and multi-time zone requirements
  • Enter data once and have it available throughout the system
  • Implement and adapt business processes as needed

CareRight put the power in your hands and allows you to change the system as your business evolves.

Key Benefits of using CareRight

CareRight is an end to end  clinical software solution that can be easily configured to mirror your workflow and assist you to streamline administrative and clinical processes – improving care and reducing cost.

Benefits of CareRight :

  • Automate processes – automated billing and fund claiming
  • Puts the power in the hands of the user to update and change as your requirements change
  • Simple yet comprehensive reporting capability
  • Workflow enabled with electronic forms, templates and task management
  • Operate on any device, anywhere
  • Enter data once and have it available wherever it is needed
  • Paperless medicine with full print and scan capacity
  • Web based – available as hosted or “on premise” solution

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