• We supply end-to-end
    and fully integrated
    Clinical, Billing and Administration
    systems to the Healthcare sector.

    Our flagship product CareRight is a dynamic,
    web based solution, that will mirror your
    business requirements and
    streamline and automate workflow.

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  • We offer first class
    solutions and support, tailored
    to your specific requirement.

    Clintel has been in operation since 2006,
    providing clinical software and expertise to
    Australasian based healthcare providers.

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Clintel are a software vendor of choice, supplying our leading edge end-to-end solutions (Clinical, Billing and Administration) to the Australasian healthcare sector.

about us

We offer first class solutions and support tailored to your specific requirement.

Clintel has been in operation since 2006 providing end-to-end solution (Clinical, Billing and Administration) to Australasian based healthcare providers.


CareRight uses latest web technologies to provide an end-to-end solution that will assist you to streamline and simplify processes, enabling you to improve care, manage cost and grow your business.

case studies

Review our case studies to see how CareRight has assisted our valued customers.

What makes us special

At Clintel, we take pride in working with our clients to understand what they require today and what will make their business more successful in the future.

It is our personal and collaborative approach, together with the ability of our CareRight software, to adapt to our clients needs.

This makes us a leader in Medical and clinical Software management.

CareRight web-based software:

  • Automates your complex business processes – saving time and money and reducing costly errors
  • Provides Workflows to ensure your processes are followed – improving compliance
  • Has inbuilt Intelligent Forms that simplify your unique processes and existing paper-based forms
  • Contains Dataset Reporting that allows for decisions to be made easily, with the right information
  • Allows Multi-site organisations to work together seamlessly from a single database
Who We Are | Clintel

Who we are

Clintel are a leading Clinical software solution provider to the Australasian market. All Development, Support and Consulting is conducted by Australian based staff.

What We Do | Clintel

What we do

Clintel are experts in fully integrated health and medical software solutions for clients, ranging from individual specialists to the public sector and complex, multi-site organisations.

What We Offer | Clintel

What we offer

We offer up to the minute healthcare software solutions, designed to provide a future proof platform that will assist you to improve care, manage cost and grow your business through use of powerful workflow and process management tools.  CareRight offers 6 pre-built solutions and 27 individual modules  that can be configured  in different combinations to your specific requirement. Get EMR software or daycare hospital software from one of the reputed healthcare software companies in Australia.

Partners and Clients

  • We operate 21 day surgeries located throughout Australia. We have numerous opportunities to grow our business however our software systems were a key limitation. To grow we required operations, billing and clinical software to provide the backbone for that growth and also facilitate improvements in efficiency and effectiveness of our operations. After presentation from Clintel and review of possible alternatives we selected Clintel. A key element in our choice was CareRight’s ability to streamline end to end workflow and processes (inquiry – booking- consultation –surgery – aftercare – billing). Specifically we have been able to automate processes including what is a complex and unwieldy billing process. Clintel offer a collaborative approach and have demonstrated a flexibility to meet our specific needs.

    CEO (Day Surgery Group, Australia)

  • I have to say that I have used a number of other types of practice software and CareRight is by far the easiest to use. I’ve personally found that the functionality is good and fluid. There are reporting options which I have not found with other software, navigation is easy and there are many different screens which contain similar information so that it makes answering phone queries quick and easy. I also find for billing and debtors the transparency and accountability is far better than other software.

    The support team has been brilliant!! It’s super easy to create a support request and the team respond promptly.

    Practice Manager

  • Our business expansion was being hampered by an outdated medical software system which relied heavily on spreadsheets and manual entry. We sought a system with the following key characteristics: An integrated solution that would allow data to be entered once and be available immediately wherever required. A system that would allow us to progressively eliminate all paper-based processes. A workflow-enabled billing system with automated invoicing and claiming. Flexible and detailed reporting CareRight offered this together with a high level of system configurability. Clintel have demonstrated themselves to be a committed, responsive organisation who will go the extra yard to meet our needs

    ASA General Manager (Australian Surgical Assisting)

  • The Society would like to recommend Clintel and CareRight software. The software has proven to be thoughtfully and intelligently designed, structured yet flexible and adaptable to the needs of our user department “Vincentcare”. Clintel’s advice and assistance throughout the implementation has been exemplary. The software was installed without difficulty, Implementation objectives have been achieved with minimum disruption, implementation recommendations have been put forward for consideration and rapidly effected when a decision has been reached. Very few customisations were required, but those that were requested were effected without delay. I would like all our software installations, implementations and go-lives to be as trouble free as CareRight has proven to be. The Society is now expanding its use of CareRight software into other areas of its operations that require case management facilities.

    Manager, Information Systems (St Vincent de Paul Society (WA) Inc)