Wimmera Health Care Group is the major specialist referral centre for the Wimmera and Southern Mallee region of Victoria , servicing an area of 61,000 square kilometres and a population of approximately 54,000 people. We have campuses in Horsham and Dimboola and provide emergency and critical care services for adults and children. Every year, Wimmera Health Care Group treats over 10,000 inpatients, 16,000 emergency patients and 123, 000 outpatients. With a workforce of approximately 850 staff, we are the largest employer in the region. When the Wimmera Medical Centre (a division of the Wimmera Health Care Group) felt the need to replace its practice management system, a wide search was undertaken by both experienced practice staff and the IT Department to find a system to cover the wide range of needs of the group. Clintel was a good fit for both the IT department’s exacting requirements and for the wide range of Doctors and staff at the Medical Centre. With a very flexible appointments system which can easily handle our 20+ Drs and clinical staff, we are able to efficiently manage the throughput of in excess of 400 patients per week. The Medicare Online, DVA and Eclipse modules are time saving and efficient and have dramatically increased our revenue turnaround. In fact we have been able to all but completely eliminate outstanding accounts due to the direct billing capabilities. Any rejections are able to be dealt with in a fast and simple manner and resubmitted immediately. Our Doctors are impressed with the Medical records side of the system and enjoy the simplicity with which they are able to enter their notes and keep complete track of patients’ medical histories. MIMS integrated for writing of scripts is also a big plus. Whilst being simple to use, the medical records module is sophisticated and able to be customised to account for nuances of various specialties. The correspondence module is second to none and has again dramatically improved our capacity to receive and send correspondence. The scanning capabilities are fast and efficient and the ability to send via Argus/Medical Objects has cut our printing in half. Our implementation was a smooth process with training options to suit our needs, knowledgeable Clintel technicians working with our IT department to deploy the system and a successful data transfer across from our legacy system. The ongoing support of the technical team at Clintel is first class with both telephone and online options for reporting issues. Overall we would be more than happy to recommend the Clintel system to our colleagues as we have been impressed by the whole journey. Some of the benefits we have experienced since implementing the system are: Being able to seamlessly transition to being a paperless practice Increased revenue turnaround with online claimingStreamlined patient experiences due to configurable appointment status’ Improved workflow, with referral letters / correspondence between Doctors and typists A large reduction in stress levels of staff as a direct result of having a simple and intuitive system to work with.

Wimmera Healthcare Group