Bethsalem Care is a 90 bed, fully accredited stand alone facility committed to pursuing continuous improvement and implementation of evidence based best practice. A decision was made to implement the Clintel  CareRight package as the application of choice for clinical care. This decision was made after extensive evaluation of industry standard clinical care packages for the following reasons:
  • Good support of the ACFI and accreditation processes
  • Excellent capability for the design of assessments and forms and the ability to configure assessments to populate information on the resident care plan.
  • The ability to integrate functionally with existing accounting software and other IT packages in use and proposed for future implementation.
  • Strong local presence and support
  • It offered a cost effective solution to our requirement for an IT based clinical administration system.
As with any new technology implementation, early adoption by staff was a significant consideration, especially moving to an IT based system requiring everyday input from a largely mature aged work-force not quite so familiar with IT concepts.  To address this a survey of employee’s computer skills was undertaken and whilst the majority of staff were competent with email and internet use it was necessary to run training sessions for all staff on the CareRight web based interface. Our initial concept was to go live in one section of the home, however on later analysis it was agreed that an “all inclusive” implementation would provide a better solution and improve staff take up and commitment to change. Bethsalem Care migrated from a paper based clinical system to CareRight in September 2011 and after a few teething problems has settled well into our usual daily operations. Staff were actively  supported during the implementation phase. CareRight has been operational for over three years and some of the benefits we have experienced are:
  • A user friendly and easy to navigate web-based interface.
  • Resident information can be accessed from the all networked computers. As Care Manager I am able to access residents’ information and review resident needs and outcomes easily.
  • The Clinical record application has features which support good documentation such as spell check and other Microsoft applications that many of our staff are familiar with.
  • Capabilities for the design of forms/assessments.  We have developed our own assessments and are able to configure them to automatically populate relevant information to the resident care plan.  Whilst this is still a work in process the first assessment / care plan design implemented and trialed was the resident interim care plan.  An initial assessment is conducted when the resident is admitted to the facility covering all the basic care needs to ensure continuity of care. Once the assessment is completed the registered nurse prints the interim care plan and implements it on the floor for the delivery of resident care by the personal care staff.
  • Through integration with our resident accounting package, resident data is entered once and this information then populates Care Right.  Updates also populate CareRight automatically.
  • It is our intention to integrate Clintel with our electronic medication management system to facilitate flow of information from our medication system to the resident clinical record.
  • The global dashboard and user private messaging has improved communication with care staff in the facility, many of whom do not have access to company email.
  • An easily accessible product based help-desk can be used to log issues and make requests.
Maria Gentleman
Bethsalem Care