Medical Case Management

Medical Case Management - Clintel

CareRight assists Case Managers to coordinate Medical Case Management, managing service providers to ensure that a case plan is set up appropriately, clearly contracted and monitored for effective and financially accountable service provision based on specified and desired outcomes. 

CareRight will also assist case managers to maintain quality in service provision for individual clients and their wider target population

  • CareRight is a fully integrated comprehensive solution designed to manage the end to end process
  • CareRight is web based and can be accessed securely anywhere anytime on mobile devices such as iPads, and smart phones
  • CareRight is highly configurable and can be set to mirror your workflow and document style
  • CareRight is workflow enabled allowing you to manage and streamline workflow and allocate and track tasks
  • CareRight powerful yet simple to use report generator allows you to create and manage reports on all data in the system
  • CareRight automation engine allows you to automate repetitive decision based tasks such as quotes or invoicing
  • CareRight intelligent forms builder allows the creation of electronic versions of all your paper-based forms. Data from these forms is reportable by the system

CareRight Medical Case Management functionality

Case Administration (CAS)

Clinical Information (EMR)

Billing and Finance

Client record:

  • Client’s longitudinal admission history
  • Admission/discharge/transfer/leave

Case management:

  • Manage service providers
  • Chronologic log of case notes
  • Case flow automation – create, assess, refer
  • Measure against specified outcomes
  • Monitor effective financial service provisions
  • Diagnosis and problem history
  • External correspondence upload
  • Print Client labels

Appointments and scheduling:

  • Multi calendar view–rooms/providers/theatres
  • Create sessions/book appointments
  • 2 way SMS and email reminders
  • links to Outlook and Gmail calendars
  • Waitlist, reservation and next available functionality
  • Reminders and email communication


Client relationship management (CRM):

  • Contact and relationship monitoring
  • Enquiry management/mail management
  • Call back/follow-up task lists


Staff and provider management:

  • Demographic information -Competencies and accreditations
  • Formal and informal referral management


Clinical Record:

  • Progress Notes – full longitudinal record
  • EMR
  • Observations and measurements
  • Diagnosis and problems – clinical coding (ICD10)
  • Consultation record – user defined step by step process
  • Alerts, allergies and notices – tabular and graphical



  • Build custom assessments (e.g. clinical tests)
  • Link assessments to care plans or actions/episodes


Quality Assurance:

  • Monitor outcomes, variances and key indicators
  • policies and procedures
  • Full audit record
  • Version control
  • Archiving and retrieval
  • Role based security – user permissions
  • Hosted or on premise solution
  • Web based – use on any device, anywhere

System management

  • Full audit record
  • Version control
  • Archiving and retrieval
  • Role based security – user permissions
  • Hosted or on premise solution
  • Web based – use on any device, anywhere


  • Bill by event, case or item or other variables
  • Clinical coding efficiency
  • Funds tracking
  • Invoice, Receipt, reconcile
  • Electronic Health fund claims
  • Medicare Online/Eclipse, DVA
  • IHC Day and multi Day stay
  • Manage multiple Client /provider accounts
  • Time capture for field staff
  • Accounting system integration


Statutory and regulatory reporting:

  • All states – HCP, AAPC, HMDS, HONOS, ISAAC, etc.


Workflow management:

  • Create automated workflows
  • Task allocation and tracking

Intelligent forms builder

  • Build custom forms for any purpose
  • Import export, report and link forms to workflow

Report generation:

  • Full range of standard reports
  • Build your own reports – automated reporting
  • Export a range of formats (Excel, CSV, HTML, PDF)

Business Intelligence:         

  • Data set reporting- Direct database query

Correspondence- communication:

  • Secure messaging
  •  letter and email communication
  • Template letters – mail merge
  • Voice recognition and dictation

Document and image management

  • Drawing tool, direct photo upload
  • Bulk PDF upload and document sort and store