Avoid duplication and time waste with simple effective workflow


The CareRight workflow engine is a configurable tool which can be set to automate established business process rules.

When you use CareRight to record and administer patient demographics, admissions/episodes as well as clinical data you are then able to extract Medicare and health fund claim data, statutory reporting data and cross functional reporting data combinations from an integrated single source.
When combined with CareRight’s Smart Forms, the Workflow Engine allows you to build the forms you want, using the logic of your business processes, and to begin layering those process you want on top of CareRight’s broad medical data models. CareRight iForms can automatically pull data contained in the system, meaning that double-handling and re-entry are no longer a part of “the way things get done around here”.

A great real-world example of how powerful the Workflow Engine can be is the configuration of semi-automated Quoting and Billing functions by one new CareRight customer site

  • The user begins by completing a “Quote Form” within CareRight during the time that they are on the phone or face to face with a potential customer enquiring about procedure details such as availability or pricing.
  • The user completes a selection of questions within the form to obtain the quote “variables”.
  • Once the variables have been entered the “Get Quote” button is selected, resulting in a request to the CareRight server and the Workflow Engine.
  • The Workflow Engine analyses the values entered on the Quote Form, and uses these as the keys to look up the result values from the “Pricing Lookup”.
  • The resulting values are then written to other fields in the “Quote Form” and the modified form returned the user to review.
  • If accepted the form can then be approved to provide a permanent record of the quote.