Paperless medicine, with full print and scan capability


Say good-bye to your medical record shelves, compactus and file rooms.

CareRight will enable you to convert any kind of paper form into a practical Smart Form.

Smart Forms are completed within CareRight and can be designed to replicate paper questionaries and assessments. When designing your Smart Forms you can include rapid data entry tools such as check boxes, radio buttons, pre-populated data fields and pull down menus. This equates to less double entry and higher levels of data uniformity and integrity.

Need to convert your existing historical paper archive to digital? CareRight will also allow you to upload scanned images into specific patient records.

Other modules within CareRight which can also contribute to the removal of vast amounts of paper are:

  • Electronic investigation results and reports

  • Electronic referrals and outbound correspondence

  • Observations recording

  • Medication Administration and charting