About Us

About Us

Clintel has been in operation since 2006, providing  Clinical software  to Australian and Asian based healthcare providers. Clients vary from major Government departments to individual medical Specialists.

We provide first class support for over 5,000 beds and many hundreds more community users of our solutions.

Our team is head quartered in Adelaide, South Australia. All development and support is provided from Australia

Our Value Proposition

  • By operating across the healthcare sector we bring a broad view to our client’s issues and provide the best in functionality, mobility and integration.
  • CareRight is designed to improve clinical care, manage the cost and streamline workflow
  • We are a private company with a track record of success in deploying and supporting solutions for a range of healthcare organisations.
  • We have the capability to implement and support our solutions within the most complex healthcare organisations.
  • We manage many large projects yet offer a personal and highly responsive approach to each of our clients.
  • Our experience suggests that your choice in software is only part of the solution.  Most projects succeed or fail based on implementation approach.
  • We offer a practical yet rigorous project management methodology, comprehensive training and change management process to ensure project success.
  • Our implementation team has extensive experience in working within the health and eHealth sector.

If you would like to know more about us or our products, please call or contact us via the Form on this page.

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